Wealth management New generation for everyone

We are at a crossroads in the modern economy history with the birth of blockchain tools in centralised and decentralised finance. We envision that the blockchain whether regulated or not will bring a new paradigm in the investment world, streamline financial flows and democratise investment opportunities that were previously reserved to the few.

Parallax, through its network of regulated companies, offers tailored solutions for qualified investors and crypto traders in the finance 3.0 world. The company is focused on investment opportunities related to blockchain tech, digital currency, crypto assets.

Our Business

Both Environments

The company offers advisory services to companies interested in taking advantage of the blockchain ecosystem while remaining in the traditional financial world by offering hybrid fundraising solutions combined with rating services.

The team has vast experience in both traditional finance and emergent blockchain technology through years of management- level positions within leading financial institutions, development of high technology, web-based business models and blockchain based services.

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BaaS Blockchain as a service

  • Proprietary crypto assets issuance platforms for ITO, IEO and ILO.
  • Helping issuers and buyers buy and sell, then record automated transactions and corresponding dividends.
  • Provide customers with easy solutions to issue tokens rather than a fraction of their underlyings.
  • Draft white papers and smart contracts for new issues.
  • Access to our large crypto buyers’ community.
  • Access to our wealth management networks for hybrid and debt investments.
  • Offering fiduciary services for our clients with dedicated payment tools.
  • Offers adapted to individual or institutional clients.
  • A friendly KYC AML procedure for buyers from all over the world.